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  • YouTube dealing with people, things developed in order to facilitate the application is loading Youtube, Blogger and Wordpress sites.
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    The program is a desktop application that will protect you from falling to the spa added a lot of features and these features are described in use.
    Unlimited Youtube channel you can add. Unlimited Youtube account, you can add. (Any API code, etc. to enter is not required.)
    Youtube or locally on your computer, video and mp3 production . The Internet or your own computer from the illustrations in musical slideshow video generation.
    Youtube or locally on your computer from the videos sequential image generation.
    Adjustable screen recording and video production.
    Former charged Site to the public and authenticated application Old installed video a collective thumbnails to adjust.
    Former installed video in a lot of color options and bulk Subscribe balloon to add.
    Optionally you videos that only you can see the custom install, matching copyright checked after the public the impression that you can open. warning that you specify to your email address instantly sending system will notify you.
    Site of the old mass customization applications installed
    Old installed video thumbnails to adjust to the public.
    Old installed video with many color options to subscribe balloon batch to add.
    Add new videos added to the channel list will be added to the installation immediately.
    With all the videos that you want, you can copy the Youtube channel. (Channel copying)
    Drag-drop local video upload.
    You can batch add logo to video, you can set your logo instead of the video you want.
    Contrast of your videos, density, brightness, saturation, red, green, blue color settings you can test it and seeing all the videos you can apply. Exclamation, and in this way you can avoid those matches.
    You can completely remove the sound of the video.
    In the video you can crop the way you want.
    Add the number of the channel you want the video to be taken from the batch you want you can update separately. (Example from a news channel 30 video game channel 2 videos)
    On the screen to install the selected video or all videos with a single click can select a picture from the list by selecting the new category. (Even when loading)
    Add to withdraw from the channel you want the video quality can select a batch or individually per channel (MP4 720p, 360p MP4, WebM, FLV 240p, FLV, 144pin, 3GP, etc.)
    Loading videos on your list size (MB), and you can see the time, long, or you can extract the video you want to upload.
    Also be added to the channel category fortunately for example, news of the video you upload to your account you can book news channel.
    If you want your videos with one-click private (unlisted) with a single click, you can set the general installation.
    When you upload your video you can install without any break or other video transition time between the two periods can set random or fixed.
    Want your account with a choice categorized as news reports every video shot aboard the no category can have the images as you can.
    Each video will be installed per the title, the title of the end, per the description, the description of the end of that customization can individually per channel if you want you can print as many as you want to explain the title.
    If you do not want the original label that you can use tags like the original book title tag can divide. example: "perpetrators compilation videos november 2013" video, titled 2013, perpetrators, compilation, videos, november adds tags to the video.
    In addition, you can specify the split channels individually as well as the title of your video settings every extra you can assign tags.
    The captured video link in the description if there is someone else makes automatic cleaning program.
    After arriving batch can choose the list, you can extract what you want to install. You can delete or completely. (Even when loading)
    Installation can play in the title list after arrival. (Even when loading)
    Upload new videos added automatically added to the bottom of your list. You can leave it open to program channels will continue to upload new videos are added.
    Select the video you can upload your Wordpress site categories with the embed code for ekler.wordpress categories you can assign individual channels.
    Upload your videos as individualized Blogger (Blogspot) the embed code to your account, title, description and tags with the adds.
    Upload your videos, you can attach the log.
    Video loading phase reverse is the case if you have difficulty in your account information, go to the email address that you specify.
    The program does not delete the uploaded videos for use on other platforms, so you can keep or delete.
    Downloads and high speed downloads are made with a special system of your server / IDM depending on the speed of your computer on the Internet can use the program.
    If you like the video you can see the custom install only matched checked by copyright as a collective impression then you can open.
    Immediately sent to your email address that you specify warning system will notify you.
    Installed on the part of the video on YouTube without going to YouTube videos can be seen, along with photos and content, title tags, description can be updated with a single click, you can delete the video with a single click.
    Video uploaded with a single click can take the embed code, you can use on other platforms.
    Accounts that are open or closed, how many video, how many views, how you can see from the list that appreciation.
    You can scan for channels closed, closed with a single click can destroy ones own channel you can follow here.
    Mp4 videos, .flv .3gp, you can shoot video by entering .web links.
    If you do not know the address of the video format you can shoot video with only the page link. For example, a video site you know of any country in the world from the program is only compatible with You can shoot video page by copying the link. You can see the video size Also integrated in the system boots with the public link can shoot with the public.
    1 yahoo
    4 metacafe
    8 videojug
    9 haber7
    11 theguardian
    12 euronews
    55 İ
    Yotube with public links, you can add unlimited batch video.
    Yotube channel list, you can add unlimited public channel.
    Program all of your channels in the attached text document to the desktop with a single click you can get.
    On keyworker (Word entering) by searching and applying filters, description, tags, pictures, etc. to find information and a video installation with a single click you can add to your list.
    Find by entering the URL of the video in the same way with one-click installation you can add to your list.
    Spelling mistakes in the process of adding users to add accounts and Channel outbidding control system in order to help prevent problems is used.
    Want a list of videos to be uploaded on your list of installation illustrated in list form if you want lined or unlined you can customize to your liking.
    Matching / copyrighted videos that you can follow in your account that you specify can unsubscribe in a new window.
    Automatic money in your account that you specify property still able to follow the process of opening a new window so that you can use.
    Automatic money-opening feature in bulk when many video have loss because the program each video individually visiting the necessary title changed and apply various operations and meticulously operate, so the money feature will be active video, the program is definitely a maximum of 10 trials with the auto-money property successfully raises.
    Set the time you want your ads to the video medium can also per-impression, impressions can last ad settings.
    Make money over time if you wish to abort the full grasp of the videos you choose can delete accounts.
    All of the individual per channel title, tags, description and so on. settings apply to all channels with single click if you wish.
    All of the individual channels per video quality setting if you want the number of shots and video with a single click you can apply to all channels.
    All channels with the aim of protecting your security, your account information is stored in a database on your computer, even if we have access to this information is not available.
    Our prices are kept at levels that everyone can use easily, long-term purchases with discounts up to 40%, with figures as low as $3 per month you can use our service.
    These figures such as 10 cents per day fee whether evolution, you can upload a video of our program you will receive a daily cost of the program with just one click cost to be able to remove the costs.
    Passwords and other problems dynamically via our website in the new password again able to determine the status of your membership details and you can follow your panel membership on our site.
    After making your membership on our website, credit card, PayPal and mobile (on the phone) can be purchased online with payment dynamically contact us immediately before you can start using our program.
    Do you choose the duration of membership and pay the appropriate membership fee based on the duration of the system will give you the necessary information will be sent to your e-mail address.
    After you purchase our program you are not satisfied within the first week if you can return unconditionally, you can get back the amount you pay. (Minimum purchase is valid for one month. 1 week does not include purchases for more information page, please visit our Return Policy.)
    Our program can be experienced every kind of technical glitch-induced losses that may arise from time to time our members will be added.
    Detailed information available from .
    Those who want to install from the server, you can use the VDS, so that you can use for 1 month 7/24 high up / down speed limits is a great program with a server to upload HD videos without installing enjoying thousands of daily use.

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