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Youtube Video installation with YTPRO


YTPRO their quota on your own computer, using the Internet and your own IP address is a desktop application running at the same time but at different times, only one computer can use your account from anywhere using login and you can download the program. Home, your workplace or from any place. (For example, use Skype, etc.) In addition, if you wish you can use on the server. Host fees are $9,90 per month you can upload HD videos 30000. If you create a list of multiple video can cross this figure of 50,000. Each check the channel in advance for various customization settings only once do you do (Title divide and label making, per title keyword insertion, head to the end of words, adding extra add tags, captions to explain the sub-sub-you-print (for SEO is very ideal) Description per the address you want or sentences, adding description to the end of the desired sentence or addresses, such as adding .. that will make you these settings there is no limit if you want 100 different categories add channels 100 well above the number that I have different customization studies can enter. your logo your video at any place, you can set upload all the video in the location you specified appears in . the sound completely, you can cut, color settings you can play with the settings when changing can test through the program. on YouTube advanced word search for and videos bulk insert feature content problem you should not have. Insert each channel that the longer you serve, so that you add channels per video programs automatically withdrawn and your accounts that you specify makes installation by categories. Downloading and Installing the module is left open, the program automatically new video download if when you select logo, color, sound, crop settings again automatically makes and accounts loads, loaded the videos of the Copyright Matching Auto money through the module 3rd Party Matching, world-wide barriers, exclamation as problematic delete videos, Money automatically whether individual active, question mark remaining videos will retry 10 times to give money feature. Our program is very convenient and fast, although you offer a lot of features that are new and with our aim to introduce ourselves to you are presented with a very affordable price. Those described above ytpro general features are also a very capable program incorporates, logs, account tracking, uploaded videos to see, you can update that allows menus, channel scan setting, royalty money scan settings, unlimited video channel copy, channels with a single click on the desktop to get from the desktop to restore all settings backup, restore, video processing, tracking screen, youtube url with unlimited public adding video url link video with adding the video address by adding video (mP4, FLV, 3GP, WebM is supported), organic YTPRO from users the impression taking, taste-making, review capabilities, channel quality settings at any time collectively or individually to change the uploaded video in WordPress, blogger (blogspot) embed code, title, tags, description and automatically be able to share the program update via features such as control features in accordance with the wishes of our customers every day and additional features are added. Customer satisfaction is always our first principle was therefore not satisfied with our program, our customers are giving unconditionally 7 day money back guarantee. Who are interested in the program, which aims to use Youtube and boots to users of our recommendations, our program is really great features to test and understand how right we are.



My Information

My Information > My Information section on the menu that you can reach your membership start date and expiration date of your membership information, such as is the section where you can follow.

Adding an account

Account transactions > Adding an account Adding new accounts that you can reach from the menu                   section of your YouTube user name and password after entering the Category from the                   You can specify an installation category for your account. For example: only cars in the category                   To upload videos Category Autos This account can only be added by selecting the                   You can upload videos to the channel in the car. If you want to add the account category distinction                   without all of your account if you want to upload videos shot mixed category install all                   You can set. Category settings can be determined by adding the account for the first time, subsequent Update Account category                   Did category also available from the Department can change as you want. In addition, asset-liability status of your account or password at any time can be set with a single click, you can delete your account at any time.                  
Often the error: Your account is added or deleted from another country for the first time (VPS / VDS) by entering                   When added to the YouTube account you may wish to telephone numbers, and add the account that you may not accept the program, before adding it to the program account                   at least one time by logging in your browser, verify that your account is active then add to the program.

Add the channel to be Taken

Transactions > Add the channel to be Taken Adding a channel to reach menu                   After entering the section of your YouTube channel name Video quality section                  You can determine the quality of the video will be shot. In addition, number of videos will be captured section you can choose between the 1 and 50. For example: When you add the channel for the first time                   If you set 10 video 10 video channels last one pulls, then these channels will continue to take new videos are added.                   Other sites from the YouTube channel you can add as categorization of external sites.                   You can change the current settings at any time.

Channel copy

Channel operations > Channel copy menu that you can reach with a channel name that you entered in an unlimited can copy, against all of the videos in the channel can be in your account.

Adding Video (Youtube URL / By calling)


video editing> video Adding video that you can reach from the menu                   section for the video you want to search by entering keywords can make a video call, this call, various                   You can apply filters. (Video quality, load time, watching-appreciation rate, etc..) Together with the content that you find pictures and videos                   With a single click you can add it to your list of installation.
Also in this module by typing in the YouTube video address                   one-click install again, you'll find videos you can add to your list.              

Adding Video (Local Computer)


video editing> video Adding video that you can reach from the menu                   in the section drag and drop, making your list as you want on your computer can upload video, pictures, height, duration can see the necessary qualifying after making one-click title tag can set the description information also entering the ready to install can make.              


Installed my videos


Actions> Installed my videos menu, you'll reach the section before you add accounts to YouTube                   loaded with all the details of your videos (watching, liking, labels, descriptions, pictures) seeing any instant with a single click                   In the video's title, label, release again, as you will be able to update you can delete the video with a single click.                   In addition, it is selected with one-click video Embed by copying the code you can use on other platforms.              

Batch add channels


Channel operations> Batch add channels menu, you'll reach the section that you previously backed up or hoarded with a single click you can add your channel list.              

Channel transfer my computer


Channel operations> Channel my computer transfer menu, which you reach the section in the program attached for all channels with no limit text documents can import the text document on your desktop automatically will occur.              


Indoor channel scan


Actions> Closed scan for channels menu, you'll reach the section you can see the status of the channels you add,                   with future scans deleted or closed channels with a single click you can delete your own channel state this                   You can follow from the menu.              

Downloads Module


Modules> Download module menu, which you reach the section you take videos size, video duration, extensions, such as a list of information you can view the video you want you can download that you wish you can eliminate. This module as I stare open automatically downloads new video added to the channel, there is no need to search your videos. In addition, this module mute, logo insertion, color changes are part of, the procedure will choose the video is done in this section.              


Backup process


Operations> Backup / Restore menu, you'll reach the section you want to add multiple channels, account, and the program will make                   quality of all kinds of shooting settings and so on. can safely back up all your settings, then you can restore with a single click.              


Matching / Copyright deletion process to activate and auto money


Modules> Matching / Copyright / Auto currency module menu, you'll reach the section Account Operations> Accounts from the                   The settings made ​​with the (delete Royalty, Auto money, exclamation delete) in the account that you select videos videos can cancel the copyright warning,                   auto money with property assets can have the money in every single video, monetization can delete videos taken exclamation lost. All of the                   these operations in a new window so you can follow your well is done automatically.              




Viewing / Comment / Thumbs process


Modules> Views / Comments / Rating module menu, you'll reach the section that you have added the account as fully organic                   and those who use our program have added a video to his request and makes tracking gradually, review authors also likes video if necessary.                   In this way, the completely organic to upload videos with this process, your account is not in use, such as monitoring and review                   do activities that increase the value of this account on YouTube and spam are likely to fall greatly reduced. All of the                   these operations in a new window so you can follow your well is done automatically.              


Auto money / Copyright control time settings


Settings> Auto-money / Copyright control time settings menu, you'll reach the section above mentioned Royalty delete and processes to automated currency assets                   You can set the duration to switch between accounts.              

video processing screen


video editing> video processing screen menu, which you reach the section logo and mute operations indicating that an information screen you can see at any time, this process can stop allowing you to enter these transactions can end.              

Batch add videos


video editing> Batch add videos menu, you'll reach the section you are hoarded in advance or copy YouTube videos you can add addresses to the program with one-click.              

channel scan


Channel operations> Channel scan menu, which you reach the section you add the channels falling videos instantly title, description, tags along with your account trying to draw a robot that contains this menu, thanks to which the range and scanning can determine that, if desired channel You can temporarily stop scanning.              

Logo settings


Settings> Logo settings menu, which you reach the section of your videos you want to add your logo from your computer you can choose your chosen logo in the video window drag and drop, making the desired position can be set. Your logo will appear in the position you set your videos.              

Crop settings


Settings> Cropping settings menu, which you reach the section will be loaded videos for your crop from the screen by adjusting these settings to all the videos you can apply, that will be loaded into the video you have specified the automatic will be clipped.              

Load Module


Modules> Loading module menu, which you reach the section you download videos, accounts to be loaded categories, video size, video duration, extensions, such as a list of information you can view the video you can upload.              


Channel / Channel settings


Settings> Channels / Channel settings menu for the channel in which you reach the part of individual quality                   Shooting and so on. As you'll be able to adjust the settings you choose apply to all channels with a single click.              


tag settings


Settings> Labels setting menu, you'll reach the section where you can adjust the individual labels for channels                   Choose the settings you would like to apply all channels with a single click.              


Title / Description settings


Settings> Title / Description Settings menu, the individual title for the channel in which you reach the section head, head-end,                   per description, description of the settings where you can end                   Choose the settings you would like a single click you can apply to all channels.              


Social bookmarking settings


Settings> Social bookmarking settings menu, select the channel to which you reach the section individually for WordPress                   where you can adjust bookmarking                   Choose the settings you would like to apply all channels with a single click.                   Wordpress Wordpress account, where you enter your information on your site categories are listed. Any desired channel WordPress                   connecting to the category of YouTube videos simultaneously on the one hand while installing the video embed code loaded on your WordPress site                   In this way, you can get the impression that you can share more. (3 months and older to become a member contact the video site and hosting will be presented during your membership.)              
sample sites              


Log In


Help> Log In menu, you'll reach the active part of the program can upload logs, the installation process                   You can follow later.              




Help> Support menu, you'll reach the section 24.7, you can create a support request, as soon as possible                   To help you phone or via email and will be returned.              

Errors and solutions


Operation must use an updateable query error solution (Operation must use an Updateable Query.)


This error writing to the database by the Windows barrier is a problem, or UAC is activated usually occurs when using Windows 8. Solution:

The operation must use an updateable query error solution

I can not add my Youtube sub-channels


Solution: you create channels in the channel channel ID and password you created Add as program adds your GMail account.

I download a video installation in the module can not see?


This is not a bug, if you are downloading videos, logos, color settings, audio settings, if you select features such as cropping video to your list of installation for processing does not come immediately, depending on the video processing performance of your computer & server process may take some time depending on the length of the video, an average of 10 minutes If selected all the features of a video processing can take up to 20-30 seconds.
Solution: video editing> Video processing is handled from the screen you can follow your videos, you can simply wait, After you install the module next to the video processing, and automated installation process will continue.

I uploaded videos do not appear in my account.

Our Program Our first time users create a new account without creating channel video installation programs are working. Channel created by our users olmaktadır.b not fail the installation problem that caused us to think of the program, said the video is loading. Solution:
* newly created your account your channel to activate, channel to activate your YouTube account via logging into your "upload a video" section, click on the channel will be created.


Channel I copied my account of how I will install?

* Check the video to your database would record this video, primarily Downloads module by opening the download, the download after starting the installation module that you download videos and will be installed accounts appears.


I can see the video below, but the channel does not advance the video

Once fully completed (100% after) will appear on your Youtube account.


I've added channels, the video will automatically withdraw it?

* Yes, the channel scan is open, add the channel to the new uploaded videos from 10 seconds to 1 minute, your account drops and Downloads module is open automatically downloaded.

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