YTPRO Chrome youtube downloader

This page YTPRO and a Youtube video download Chrome browser plug-in developed for Yandex.
This add-on (extension) unfortunately is not available in the Chrome store, it's because Google Chrome Gallery Developer Agreement 4.4.1> 6th and the 7th article of the available streaming content or media without the authority that makes downloading, The displays (text, images, video or other media through), or rules that link ..... is our conclusion that the reason for refusal to comply with the Youtube video download action.

Chrome Youtube video download plugin what does it do?

Chrome YouTube video downloader extension, without the need to download several types of vehicles while surfing on Youtube from or just to deal with a different browser window icon by clicking the WebM, mp4, flv, easily what you want in 3gp format allows you the possibility to download to your computer.
This allows you to add a video you like as you can get in your archive backups of video you upload your own.

Chrome Youtube video downloader extension installation:

1. Download the link than the browser plug-in.
2- Open the zipped file to a folder with compression programs. (WinRar, WinZip, 7-Zip and so on)
3- Open Chrome
4- Sequence Settings> Open the Extensions tab
5- ytpro_extension we exclude the folder (crx) Drag the file to the Extensions tab and leave us.
6. Confirm the question "Add" gives the answer. Your extension is now ready for use.
Video installation assistance:

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